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He was abruptly alone again.

X had been growing steadily more distracted; more erratic, in a strange not-connected-to-the-world way that disturbed Serin more than anything else he could recall dealing with.

Not that that says much ...

And now this --

It had been jarring enough to watch X avoiding the world, let alone himself, pacing back and forth along the balcony. Serin had half-expected him to jump, although he had no idea why. It had been just as jarring to watch X's sudden icy, jolting anger at some unseen provokation.

And just as Serin had been about to dare to step out to see what was wrong, X just -- disappeared. Teleported, and Serin couldn't trace him.

Searching through the condo turned up nothing, and no contact information Serin could access helped. After too much time prowling and waiting and trying to contact X, he gathered up the little flit and headed for the Ruins.

Failing there as well -- and encountering a terrifying apparition down in the deeps that was all-too-interested in him -- Serin fled back to the empty condo and went to ground, curling up on the bed and completely lost as to what to do next ...
If anything could be said to be different than following Corbeau through the barrens -- and the wreckage of Neo-Arcadia -- it was this place. So many people! And from so many places. It seemed unreal.

But then, everything seems unreal right now ...

But Corbeau had advised that he keep moving. He certainly did, too, outside the world altogether. Strange, that.

So he'd asked some of these "Sages" about his predicament, and gotten a number of interesting answers. Most seemed to think he should try and find out who he was, and a pleasant serpent named Kaa has looked in his mind to see who he might be. The answer seemed to be a weapon of some sort.

I'm not so sure I should like that.

But Kaa had also mentioned that there were other "reploids" like himself in the Nexus, and one named X in particular whom Kaa would speak to on his behalf.

So Serin stayed in the Nexus, and watched the people go by ...